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For over 20 years, Karbon has been creating professional sports apparel that is technical and functional for world-class athletes and weekend warriors alike. Designed and manufactured by Schure Sports, a family-owned company based in Toronto, Ontario, Karbon has to lead the way in winter sports apparel since 1982.


Karbon reached out to Treefrog in the hopes of diversifying its brand and moving into the everyday consumer market without losing the brand itself. Treefrog knew the best way to accomplish this goal was to find licensing partners.

The Challenge

Treefrog and Karbon have been working together for over a decade. Over the years, we’ve redesigned and redeveloped three websites for them and collaborated on various branding and design initiatives to ensure that the brand stays competitive in its industry.


The new challenge was now helping Kardon move into the everyday consumer market and finding them licensing partners. Karbon’s brand was already well-known among the top ski and snowboard athletes. Still, now they needed to increase brand awareness in the everyday consumer market and generate leads for licensing partners and dealers.

The Objectives

For Treefrog to help Karbon achieve its goals, we would need to modernize and mature the brand to align with new strategic objectives and increase brand awareness through storytelling. Treefrog would also need to increase the number of leads for licensing partners and dealers. Finally, we would need to find a way to increase sales of Karbon apparel for the everyday consumer and create brand loyalty, awareness, and lifetime customers.

The Solutions

Treefrog came up with a plan that would help Karbon achieve its objectives. First, Karbon needed a website re-architecture and redesign. They also needed social media management, paid campaigns, and influencer campaigns on Instagram to create brand awareness. Karbon also required a new brand strategy, brand maturation and logo maturation to accommodate evolving target market. Finally, they needed a design for the annual catalogue.

The Results

At the end of the campaign, Treefrog increased Karbon’s social media followers by 18%. We were also able to increase Instagram post engagement by over 1840 likes and over an average of 296 comments.

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