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Buchner Manufacturing

Bridging the Gap Between ERPs and Ecommerce

Enhanced Manufacturing Automation with Buchner Manufacturing

Buchner Manufacturing continually focuses on the human factor in an industry where robotics, automation, and outsourcing significantly impact the marketplace. While automation can take oversteps of the manufacturing process, there’s no need to eliminate human jobs in the process.


But the Buchner family certainly isn’t afraid of embracing technology. Understanding the potential of online technology with increasing online commerce trends, they turned to Treefrog to help them build a custom system that could help them transform their business and digitally drive them forward.

A Local Newmarket Company

Buchner Manufacturing is a locally grown Canadian company that has been operating since 1976. They are industry leaders in manufacturing quality building supplies, from steel roofing, sealants and fasteners, aluminum eavestroughs, soffit, fascia, trims, and vinyl. They’re a one-stop-shop for any building project. Buchner Manufacturing has a long-standing reputation for supplying quality products at competitive prices, focusing on providing exceptional customer service.


Buchner Manufacturing has always believed that their company was more than a job. They believe it is a lifestyle, not just a 9 to 5. They’re committed to ensuring the safety of their staff and customers. They are committed to ensuring they protect the environment while finding ways to push the boundaries of technology.

Save Time and Order Online

Buchner came to Treefrog looking for help resolving their administrative capabilities on their website. They wanted a website that was easy to navigate and that had automatic order integration with SYSPRO. Buchner also wanted new product pages and categorization, filtering, recommended products, and control product descriptions.


Treefrog knew that for Buchner to resolve their administrative issues and begin growing their business, they needed an online store integrated with an SYSPRO ERP. This ERP integration would allow Buchner to quickly and easily update content and provide their customers with a constantly evolving product catalogue.


Today, Buchner Manufacturing is still growing rapidly and is widely known for its products. They have a fully integrated system that has helped them overcome their administrative issues and ensure that their products are always top-notch.