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3D Storage Systems

3D Storage Systems provides customized professional racking solutions for large businesses. Their clients have complex storage requirements and require custom racking solutions — everything from storing heavy automotive parts to bulk perishable goods.

The Challenge

The great folks at 3D had come to realize that although they had steady calls, there was still a lot of potential business to acquire by way of online requests. Their prior website only existed as a “proof-of-concept” document—it was not clearly articulating their value and expertise. As such, they were essentially invisible to potential clients who were taking to the web to seek out the services they provide.

The Objectives

  • Modernize logo and rejuvenate the brand
  • Re-architect and redesign their online presence
  • Prove which marketing efforts are working
  • Increase online traffic and ultimately leads

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The Solutions

Treefrog created an enhanced website experience with a clearer navigation, as well as streamlined pathing routes from informational content to their main lead acquisition points.

Given that the former website used Flash elements and was difficult to navigate, the new website has an immediate positive effect on online conversions and overall search ranking for key phrases, resulting in a lift in organic traffic and awareness metrics.

3D Storage Systems continues to work with Treefrog to think ahead and stay beyond their competition.

  • Website re-architecture and redesign, including custom system creation
  • Logo maturation
  • User experience mapping
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Conversion tracking
  • Attribution modeling
  • Organic and paid search campaign
  • Content marketing plan
  • Hosting and infrastructure

The Results

  • 20% increase in organic traffic
  • 188% increase year over year in organic conversions
  • 50% increase year over year in online leads
  • Average time on page is up 29% year over year