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404 Dental

404 Dental aims to make going to the dentist comfortable and easy for everyone, even those who dread it the most. Their tagline Dentistry for Little Kids and Big Chickens™ is at the heart of everything they do, and they do a lot! They provide essential dentistry at every stage of life, from babies to seniors, and everything in between such as mouth guards and orthodontics.

The Challenge

When we first met them, 404 Dental was facing a number of challenges with their brand and online presence. While the old 404 Dental logo, with its iconic image of a big chicken, was popular and resonated with the clinic’s patients, it was originally hand drawn by a staff member years ago, and in need of a modern refresh.


Our team listened and we understood the strong emotional connection with the logo and tagline and what it represented. Our designers rubbed their hands with glee at the prospect of this creative challenge and rolled up their sleeves. How often do you get to redesign a logo that involves a giant (but friendly) chicken and a young child so that it resonates with audiences of all ages?

The Objectives

  • Modernize logo and mature brand while maintaining original theme
  • Redesign website to create a more user-friendly experience for patients
  • Develop content to showcase the comprehensive service offerings of the clinic
  • Optimize website for search engines and improve organic search ranking over time
  • Optimize website for conversions and lead generation

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The Solutions

The client trusted us to take them in a new direction, which is never easy when it involves such a substantial change to a trusted brand. The process and the end result earned us their trust, and they embraced the rebrand whole-heartedly. They even incorporated the colour scheme into their office décor! We went on to design their office signage, business cards, nametags, notepads, letterhead, and envelopes to tie all of their collateral together under the new logo and brand standards. We also created custom-branded social media profiles for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

We began a monthly SEO partnership to help them rise above and shine in search engines. Prior to developing the new website, 404 Dental had multiple small websites under separate domains, meaning that they were competing with themselves. We consolidated all of the domains to forward to the new website, and completed essential technical SEO tasks to optimize the new site. Content writing continues to be part of building ranking as we write helpful content for users that also drives search engine rankings for specific keywords.

  • Website re-architecture and redesign
  • Brand maturation to accommodate evolving market trends
  • Google Analytics set up and monitoring
  • Ongoing SEO work – resulting in an increase in ranking for the keyword “dentist Newmarket” (they moved from 20th position to first place, and remained at the top of this ranking for over a year)