I'm Tim Boock,
VP, Sales,
at Treefrog.
About me

Meet Tim, the Sales Maestro at Treefrog. With over two decades in the business, Tim’s like the Yoda of marketing, minus the green skin and mysterious aura. He’s the guy who turns SMBs into big players without needing a lightsaber.


Tim’s career kicked off in the trenches of a start-up newspaper, a time he fondly recalls as “terrifying” – kind of like your first date, but with fewer awkward silences. Despite early fumbles and enough rookie mistakes to fill a blooper reel, Tim climbed the marketing ladder from Junior Sales Rep to VP.


Beyond the boardroom, Tim’s a get-outdoors enthusiast. Whether he’s kayaking, biking, backpacking, or backcountry camping, he’s basically the James Bond of nature exploration, but with less espionage and
more granola bars.


Tim’s not just about digital transformation. He’s the guy who high-fives success with Treefrog’s clients, adding a sprinkle of improvement like a benevolent marketing digital integration fairy and always leaving things
better than he found them!