I'm Sony Gomes,
Director, Digital Marketing,
at Treefrog.
About me
Work Experience

Sony Gomes is a passionate digital marketer with years of hands-on experience in SEO, SEM, content marketing, CRO, digital analytics, and lead generation.


Sony grew up in Toronto and developed his passion for digital marketing early on. Sony’s experience is in the world of B2B SaaS, where he was responsible for the digital marketing efforts of several Fortune 500 clients.


Sony’s work spans multiple continents and has focused primarily on driving SEO and SEM strategies to scale for many enterprise brands. He has worked hard to become an expert in his field, and he brings that expertise to every project he takes on.If he isn’t talking about SEO or other aspects of digital marketing, then he is talking about basketball; specifically, the Toronto Raptors. There is not a basketball stat he doesn’t know!