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Paid Advertising

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We Spend Smartly

Precision Over Chance

We don’t play with your hard earned marketing budget, but instead, focus on selecting the most cost-effective channels for your specific audience and goals. By analyzing audience demographics, behaviours, and media consumption, we identify where and when your ads will be most effective. This data-driven approach ensures a higher impact for every advertising dollar, maximizing your ROAS. We continually adjust and optimize your campaigns in response to evolving market trends and audience insights. Our goal is to make every ad placement a strategic step towards increased engagement and conversion, not a gamble.

High Performing Ads

Creative that Works

Our creative team focuses on understanding your brand’s unique voice and message, crafting advertisements that resonate deeply with your target audience. We believe in creating ads that aren’t just seen but felt, leaving a lasting impression. By blending compelling narratives, striking visuals, and clear actions, we ensure each ad is not only attention-grabbing but also drives results. Our commitment is to deliver creative solutions that stand out in the crowded marketplace, ensuring your brand’s story is told in the most impactful way.

Connecting Your Audience

In our Precision-Driven Paid Search, we specialize in connecting your brand with users actively seeking your products or services. Utilizing comprehensive keyword research and competitive analysis, we create highly targeted ad campaigns on search engines like Google and Bing. These campaigns are continuously refined to capture qualified leads, so your brand appears to the right audience at the right time, boosting visibility and conversions.

Engaging Paid Social

Our Engaging Paid Social strategy transforms social media platforms into powerful tools for building relationships with your audience. Where it’s lead generation for B2B, or cart checkouts for B2C, we craft tailored ads on social channels that make sense, targeting users based on specific demographics, interests, and behaviours. By creating compelling content that resonates with each unique social media community, you drive engagement, brand loyalty, and conversion.

Adaptive Programmatic Display

Adaptive Programmatic Display is our approach to placing ads more intelligently across the web to maximize your awareness and touch points. We leverage multiple display network so your ads are displayed to the most relevant audiences. This method not only increases ad relevance and viewer engagement but also optimizes your advertising spend, giving you the best ROI.

Landing Page Development

Our Conversion-Focused Landing Page Development is all about turning clicks into customers. We design landing pages that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for conversion. With a focus on user experience and clear calls-to-action, our landing pages effectively guide visitors towards making a purchase or taking a desired action.

Insightful A/B Testing

We rigorously test different elements of your ads and landing pages. By comparing various versions, we identify which elements resonate best with your audience. This continuous process of testing and refinement enhances ad effectiveness, user experience, and ultimately, campaign performance. Our toolkit includes advanced session monitoring, from heat mapping to recorded sessions, we learn on what resonates with your audience to make the best experience possible.

Comprehensive Reporting

At Treefrog, we provide in-depth insights into your campaigns’ performance. We make it transparent and easy to understand bottom line results to continually improve a positive return on ad spend. This ongoing analysis not only tracks the success of your campaigns but also informs future strategies, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with your business goals.

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