I'm Marc Lester,
Manager, Development,
at Treefrog.
Hidden Talents & Fun Facts
Minecraft Dad​ • Canoeist • Future Astronaut

Marc Lester joins the Treefrog team with ten years of professional experience in PHP, MySQL, Apache, *nix servers, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


For those who have no clue what any of that is, let’s just say – Marc is a whiz when it comes to computer science.


Fresh out of high school, Marc and a buddy started a programming a website dedicated to helping other students navigate the Turing programming language. From there he attended the University of Windsor and earned a Bachelor of Computer Science.


Interested in space, the universe, and astronomy, Marc is a natural fit here at Treefrog, where we’re always looking beyond and thinking ahead.


When he’s not studying programming design patterns, you can find Marc playing Minecraft with his eldest son, while simultaneously making sure his youngest son isn’t climbing on the TV. A superb multi-tasker!


Marc also enjoys life away from the screen, playing ultimate Frisbee, canoeing, and backwoods camping.